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Synaesthesis IR Library
Convolution is often associated with reverbs, but Synaesthesis offers much more than this. Sometimes it is not easy to realize that convolution has more possibilities than reverb emulation. The impulse responses contained in Synaesthesis are an unusual and unique set of DSP filters that can mangle and smear input sounds beyond all imagination.

Synaesthesis is a collection of impulse response files designed for composers, electronic musicians and sound designers in search for new possibilities of transforming and spicing up their music and sounds.

"Magical impulses that lift your music... If you make electronic music or work in more experimental genres you really shouldn't miss out on Synaesthesis." STUDIO Magazine
"Studio RECOMMENDS" Award

Though Synaesthesis is particularly suitable for experimental sound design and electronic music, it can become a secret weapon for every musician and sound designer looking for new ways to improve the creativity flow. Every music work, from film scoring to rhythmic electronic and ambient music, could gain benefit from the use of this IR library. In fact Synaesthesis turns nearly any convolution reverb/engine into a powerful multi-FX processor that will be useful for:

  • Creating evanescent layers and organic textures for film scoring and abstract music
  • Taking rhythm lines to the next level with innovative tempo-synced effects
  • Enhancing trance, techno, jungle, funk, drum&bass, rock and other drum styles with new colors and effects
  • Turning Foley fx into brand new sounds and sonic textures for sound design
  • Producing alter-egos of traditional acoustic and electro-acoustic musical instruments
  • Creating stunning sonic effects and psychoacoustic variations
  • Morphing vocals into complex textures to obtain dramatic effects
  • Electric guitarists in search of new possibilities and much more
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This particular collection of IRs can transform sound in many interesting ways:

  • Present sounds with new nuances
  • Reshape spectral balance
  • Melt sounds into mesmerizing sonic textures
  • Reverse audio in a creative way
  • Change sound beyond all imagination
  • Add unusual delays
  • Pitch-bend sounds in unheard ways
  • Create supernatural reverb chambers and unconventional acoustics
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  • Compatible with convolvers that can load Stereo WAV or AIFF files
  • CD version requires a CD-Rom drive compatible with standard ISO CDROMs (Windows, Macintosh or Linux)
  • All impulses are 24-bit / 44.1KHz stereo, WAV or AIFF format
  • Over 1000 impulse responses (over 640 MB of data)
  • Interactive list that will help you to browse thru the entire impulse response library in less time

For compatibility tests with your favourite convolution engine two demo versions, in WAV or AIFF format, are available. If you are new to audio convolution, be sure to check out also our convolution engines list and the audio examples below. It will be a good starting point.

More specific information can be found in the manual. You can also download the interactive list here.

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Only Synaesthesis was used to process the sound in the following audio demos. In every audio example the source sound is firstly presented dry, then it is processed with different Synaesthesis IRs (impulse responses) with just one impulse applied to each iteration. These demos show only a few possibilities of Synaesthesis in the field of sound morphing.
Drum loop
Various IRs are applied to a jungle drum loop, creating interesting sequences and stunning effects.
Drum loop2
Another example of IRs applied to spice up a rock drum loop.
Drum loop3
A Hip-Hop drum loop is processed to obtain different flavours and dramatic effects.
A simple piano fragment is filtered with different IRs, generating evanescent sound textures and strange echoes.
A slow piano melody is processed with IRs that produce complex textures and supernatural reverberant spaces.

Please read the license agreement in the product manual before purchasing. Product will be shipped via First class Mail/Airmail or via Download. All impulses are royalty-free for use within your music.