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arrow I downloaded a plug-in from your website and tried to register it. It doesn't work. Why?
You have downloaded a Demo version. Please, don't try to register it because you will lock the plug-in immediately in this way. We give a 30 days trial - that is enough time for testing our software - and our prices are fair. So there is no reason to try unlocking our software using cracked serial numbers.
arrow The plug-in demo period shows "0 days left" but it should still be in the 30 days of trial. Is this a "bug" or what?
This is not a "bug" but a protection system that locks the Demo version, if you change to a previous day the Windows Clock date after the installation. Try to set the Windows Clock date to a future day (in the 30 days trial period) and the plugin should start to work again. You can do it while the plug-in is already loaded in a VST host. It will be more comfortable than changing the date and restarting the VST host with the plugin. We suggest to start by changing the date to the next day and going on day by day, until the plugin will show again some days of trial in the demo period.
arrow The plug-in does not work in Cubase 5. What should I do?
It has come to our attention that Cubase 5 crashes when the Registration dialog is displayed upon first opening an unregistered VST. We will take this issue into account in future updates. In the meantime, if you are running the plug-in for the first time to register it, please do this operation in another VST Host. Then the plug-in should work in Cubase 5 also.
This issue has been resolved in MIJOY PRO 4.
arrow What makes that a plugged joystick is usable with MIJOY? Does it detect any joystick?
All kinds of joysticks/gamepads should work with MIJOY and MIJOY PRO. But we don't have the possibility to test our software with every joystick available on the market. In general, if a joystick works with the computer, then it should work with MIJOY also. Some users are even using particular game controllers, like Rock Band guitar or drums.
arrow Which joysticks do you recommend to get the maximum control?
A joystick with force-feedback will possibly give you more precision than other joysticks when you need to return to the center point. We recommend USB joysticks for a simpler configuration. Since version 3, MIJOY PRO has introduced new features that will help you to configure it for your particular joystick/gamepad in a more comfortable way.
arrow Will MIJOY PRO work with my Sequencer/Vst host?

MIJOY PRO has been successfully tested with many Vst hosts. However we cannot guarantee compatibility with any particular host/configuration, simply because the software and hardware marketplace changes continuously and it is impossible to take into account every variable, especially for a software like MIJOY PRO that depends on different elements (joystick/joypad, system configuration, audio driver, VST host/sequencer).

You will find more specific information on the tutorial page and in the plug-in manual included with the Demo version. We strongly suggest to download the Demo version and try it to be sure that MIJOY PRO will work well with your particular set-up.

If you are using a native 64-bit VST Host/Sequencer, you can try this excellent VST bridge. We think it's one of the best - if not the best - available around at the moment. Many of our users have tested it with MIJOY PRO and other popular VST hosts, like Cubase, with success.


If you have any question, feel free to contact us.