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COMBSCAPE is a VST effect plug-in based on a comb filter that works on five frequencies in a very special way to create otherwordly soundscapes. Every single frequency can be adjusted in pitch, resonance and filtered with a Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass or Band Reject filter.

It can be also positioned and moved in the stereo panorama, thanks to an interactive display that also controls the output level. COMBSCAPE features five adjustable delays of 10 seconds with feedback. Each delay output can be positioned and moved in the stereo panorama, and adjusted in level.

Frequencies, resonances and filters can be rescaled as a group by using the "group faders". For example, it is possible to transpose all the five frequencies with a single touch. All controls can be automated, giving you the power to create living soundscapes never heard before.

  • 5 adjustable frequencies
  • resonance control for each frequency
  • Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass or Band Reject filter for each frequency
  • 5 Delay of 10 seconds with feedback and on/off switch
  • Panorama/Level control via interactive display
  • 3 Group faders for frequencies, resonance and filter cutoff
  • Dry/Wet fader
  • Input/Output level
  • customizable memory presets
  • Automation of all parameters

Requirements: Windows VST Host

Tested in Cubase SX, Nuendo, Sonar 4, Ableton Live, Wavelab, Audition.

Version 1.2


Try before you buy. Download COMBSCAPE